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MethAng Monday - 23rd September @ Chaplaincy Rooms, Streatham Campus
Join us for an evening of tea, biscuits and fellowship with MethAng from 7.30 - 9pm in the Chaplaincy Space in the Old Library.

Our location has changed! Please visit the Where to Find Us page to find out more.

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A recent trip to Exmouth with MethAng and Chapel

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Hello and welcome to the website for the University of Exeter's Methodist and Anglican Society, or MethAng as it is affectionately known! We are a group of students of varying beliefs and denominations who come together once a week to share fellowship with each other, discuss our faith and drink copious amounts of tea. As a whole we mainly comprise of Methodists, Anglicans and a few Orthodox students but people of all manner of faiths are welcome at our meetings and events.

Latest News

MethAng is back up and running for the new academic year, and we're very excited to get to meet any new members who would like to join us and to welcome back those who have been with us before! We've got a lot planned for Freshers' Week and beyond, so for more detailed information please click the link above.

A new year means a new committee, and we're all looking forward to getting stuck into running the society and planning some great things for MethAng to do. If you'd like to know more about us, click on the Committee page and find out some random facts about the committee!